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During a community testing visit in the Sangu area, we met a total of 112 people.  We were encouraged when we met with secondary school students in Imalilo - Songwe.  These pupils asked a question about the Sangu language, that is, "How do we know the differences between words that are written the same but pronounced differently?


A young woman from the Pimbwe people group came to Mpanda to work with me for a few days. Amongst other things I wanted to check some words in little literacy booklets which we hope to be able to print this year.


At the end of February we went to some villages in both the Pimbwe language area and the Bende language area in order to record choirs singing songs in their mother tongue.

Jan 21, 2014

Bible College students taught from Malila Luke & Acts

Tanzania - Mbeya-Iringa Cluster

During a Bible College visit last year, I met the principal, Meshack Bonaventure. He pulled out of his cabinet a book of Luke and Acts in the Malila language and said, "Nowadays I am teaching my students about the book of Acts in the New Testament. I use the book of Acts written in Kimalila ". He continued to say that since his students almost all speak Kimalila it makes Acts more understandable. Having Acts in Kimalila has been very helpful because some of the biblical concepts in other versions are difficult to understand, but when it is read in someone's own language it becomes more clear.


african_hut_v2For the Ikizu people the significance of having a good central pole is important in their traditional houses to hold the sturdy wall and thatched roof together. 

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