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When a pastor in northern Malawi stands in front of his congregation, he stands with three, sometimes four others. He will speak in English, one will interpret in Nyakyusa, then another will take a turn with Tumbuka, followed by a third, then even, perhaps, a fourth local language.


Translation consultant Enoch Wandera travelled from his native Uganda to Mbeya to check scripture portions in three languages of the region. After spending 10 days with us, Enoch said goodbye in our morning chai (tea). He spoke briefly from I Corinthians 13. ‘We know in part.'

Oct 29, 2015

Excitement about Mother Tongue materials

Tanzania - Katavi


In May we printed the first booklets in Bende - A6 booklets with pictures and some text, some of them just in Bende and Swahili, others in Bende, Swahili and English. Recently we had some Bende speakers in the office. I showed them the booklets and they were obviously excited. They also loved the Bende calendar and all three of them bought one at the end of their visit. Even though half the year was already up, they still didn't want to miss out on the opportunity of having a calendar with proverbs in their mother tongue and pictures of themselves and people they know.


We visited some pastors especially some Pentecostals to talk to them about our translation because some pastors did not want to read our translation. They thought that the Swahili Bible was very easy to understand.


enteachsmlOn the 25th May, 2015, the Lugungu Translation team and Rev. Enoch Wandera, the lead person, opened the New Testament read-through translation workshop with twenty participants in Buliisa Town Council, Buliisa District. The twenty participants were community/church representatives who had been selected from various denominational backgrounds, geographical locations, age difference and gender.

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