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a spectacular site. (Tanzania)
The Alagwa are a relatively small group of approximately 40,000 speakers living in 15 villages. A very small percentage of the villagers ever leave the village for any reason. Many of those who do only move within the Alagwa area. The young take an active role in all aspects of Alagwa life.

During the time of drought, the Alagwa have special ceremonies for calling the rain. They congregate under a tree, and special leaves are rubbed together. Later a black sheep is slaughtered and the blood from this sheep is sprinkled around beneath the tree.

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Mar 15, 2017

Jesus calms the storm: first Alagwa Scripture

Written by Rose Savaiko

image: Alagwa AIM team with R.Savaiko

Alagwa translators recently completed a short passage and had it checked by their consultant. That makes Luke 8:22-25 the first Scripture in the mother tongue of this community of about 40,000 Tanzanians. Some on the team recall that early foundations for the project were laid more than two decades ago...

The Alagwa people have many stories about their origins and customs. This story is told by Alagwa elders about how they became Alagwa and how famine began. Read more...
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