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Mar 13, 2006

Alagwa Language Project

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The Language Assessment team surveyed the Alagwa language in 1995. Considering the data collected at that time it is evident that the language is a vital and viable language. It reveals no danger of shifting to Swahili in the near future. It is in a diglossic situation, with many people knowing both languages. Swahili is used in school, population centers of mixed languages and with outsiders. Alagwa is used in all other domains.

The people have deep pride in their language and expect it to endure. This strong attitude toward Alagwa creates a unity for the people as a whole, and it draws them together as a separate people group. At the same time the people seem to respect the national language, Swahili, because of the freedom of mobility it allows. They appreciate its advantage as a means of wider communication and national identity, and they do value it as such. However, since it is a vastly different language from their own, they (especially the women) are likely to fall out of practice using it unless they are living in a very mixed community or going on to secondary school.

Language Project

Two teams started work among the Alagwa people, and it has been temporarily suspended due to lack of personnel. Please pray that this project will be assigned new personnel and be reactivated. 

The language is very closely related to Burunge, so it is envisioned that after initial linguistics is done, translation could be facilitated through adaptation from Burunge.

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