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Apr 21, 2009

Aringa Language Project

Written by Barnabas D.

aringa_translation_computer Andrew and Barnabas busy translating
materials into Aringa language.
Project HistoryHere Is Life (a local non-government organization and ministry) started Bible translation work in 1993 by translating a tract entitled, "Mi Ura Ijo Drilaga Ingonia?" The book was printed in 1996, but was very hard for the Aringa people to read. In the same year a primer was developed and circulated to schools. It, too, was ineffective -- it was mixed with other languages, and there was no technical consultation by a linguist.

Dr. Dick Watson and Ms. Debby Hew of SIL worked on linguistic analysis for the Aringa language from 1995 to 1998. Mr. Isaac Anguyo, Executive Director of Here Is Life (HIL), approached them in Nairobi. Dr. Watson conducted the language analysis by correspondence until August of 1998, when he participated personally in the development of the first rough draft of the orthography/writing system. Kathie Turner Spike continued in a consultant role into 2002.

The Aringa team under HIL started active service with the help of SIL in 1998.Over the years SIL continued to to serve the Aringa project through providing technical support and translation consultant help. The translation team of Barnabas D, Andrew A and James E finished translating the New Testament in 2012. Final checks, typesetting and printing took place in 2013. The New Testament was dedicated and launched in June 2014.

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