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Dec 4, 2009

Digging a whole family

Written by Andrew A.

aringa_district_inspector_schools Yumbe District Inspectors of Schools
at Orthography training workshop.

Abdul is a primary school teacher who has been trained in using the Aringa Orthography. He was very excited about having school materials in the Aringa language. He said the books have helped him so much as he teaches his children who always ask him to read the stories from the ABC Story Book before they go to sleep. This is what he said...

"The most interesting story they ever ask me to read is the story about ‘Gabi and his Children.' This story is about the character of a father who shows favoritism to only one child. They said the story meant a lot to them and it teaches them that there should never be love for one child more than the others. The relationship between a father and his children should be fair to avoid hatred among children who are born of the same parents.

"This made me to see how important it is to have time with children and the family members. I used to not spend time with my children, but this book has opened my eyes to see the need for my parental care. Now there is total respect between us, the parents and the children, so our joy at home is complete. My children are able to share the little things they have with their friends. These stories have good moral teachings; I recommend them for parents and for raising their children and making of a family.

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