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Apr 21, 2009

Easter in Aringa.

Written by Andrew A.

andrew-_aringalangbrdsmall Andrew and Aringa Language Board looking at
orthography paper to help with Spelling and Writing.

During the Scripture use training for church leaders during Easter Week the book of St Luke was used. The Catholic leaders said, "We will now use our local language for leading prayers."

Earlier, the Voice of Life radio program played reading the translated material of the book of The Acts of Apostles for one month. This caused one Mr. Umar a Muslim to ask for the Aringa program to continue without interruption. He commented that, "I like the Aringa program over Voice of Life radio, for its message is the message of truth. Though I am a Muslim, I have benefited from listening to this special program; my family is stable because of these messages."

Mrs. Leah Nyakuru said, "God also knows Aringa language. I thought our language was not liked by God." She said this because people use the Aringa language, but nothing had been written. Hearing what was written in Aringa, to her ears seemed as if it was a dream. She encouraged the team to finish translation before she goes to rest with the Lord.



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