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Dec 4, 2009

God's Word, Delivered

Written by Andrew A.

aringa_galatians_check Betty (seated with children) listens to the translators
as they review Galatians.
Betty Agotre had been having demonic problems that had been disturbing her for more than four years. During the community checking of the book of Galatians in Aringa, Barnabas and Andrew took the checking to Betty's village. She came just to observe. After the team read chapter one aloud to the people they asked, "Do you understand the meaning and whether it sounds clear and natural Aringa?" Betty requested that verse six of chapter one be read again, where the Apostle Paul says, "I am surprised at you! In no time at all you are deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ, and are accepting another gospel!"

And in chapter three she asked the team to repeat verses one and three: "You foolish Galatians! Who put a spell on you? Before your very eyes you had a clear description of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross! How can you be so foolish! You began by God's Spirit; do you now want to finish by your own power?"

Betty testified, "I am the person this book of Galatians is talking about. This message in my Aringa language is very clear. I want you to pray for me so that my life can be changed for the Lord alone. The book helped me, and I now have strength because I was suffering from the evil spirits and was hearing different voices which are possibly not the voice from God. After reading this book of Galatians, I have started to gain stability to reunite with people, and the book has encouraged me. I am delivered from the power of these demons. I used to be alone, all by myself, but now I will be among the people in fellowship with Christ."

The Lord Jesus Christ helped Betty and she is well to this day.

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