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Mar 15, 2017

Guests amazed by Godís provision at rare wedding

Written by Barnabas Delu

image: Christian weddings are a rare testimony in Aringa communitiesChristian weddings are a rare testimony within the Aringa
language community these days. (photo: Barnabas Delu)

“God blessed our son’s wedding feast — everyone ate enough!”

— Yumbe, Uganda

“We have seen the hand of God!”

Canon Barnabas Delu is the Aringa translation team leader. “Trusting God in everything we do,” he added, “speaks louder than our words indeed.

“Our son recently married his beloved. This is very rare in our community, especially among the youth. Most of them just start living together, and even have several children before they ‘formalise’ their union in a church marriage — if that ever happens.

“This wedding was such a great gift for our family. And we knew that the purpose of that ceremony was to honour God. But we had a challenge...

“The available resources of our family (including relatives) had a limit. After we gave the bride price to our new in-laws, those resources were exhausted. Our son and his spouse have many friends so, on their wedding day, the number of guests far exceeded our plan: over 1,000 people came!

“Yet in some miraculous way, God blessed the food we were able to provide. He multiplied it all, and everyone ate enough — even the small children, who are not counted in the official number of invited guests. It was amazing to see that!

“We serve the same God who provided manna and quail for the people of Israel. Trusting him is our victory over fear, just as it was for them.

“We thank God for this miracle and answered prayer.”

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