mom and sonThe Burunge love to dress in
bright, colorful clothing. (Tanzania)
The Burunge people are a small group of approximately 13,000 people who live in close proximity to other languages such as the Rangi, Gogo and Sandawe. The Burunge belong to a small cluster of ethnic groups in Tanzania known as the Southern Cushites. The people are proud of their language and are excited about the prospect of being able to read it and having the Scriptures. Some are already learning to read Burunge and there are already some literacy materials and Scriptures pending publication. Although the work is time-consuming and challenging, the team is thrilled about the progress they are making.

Visit the following pages for more information:

  1. About the Burunge -General information about the Burunge people.
  2. Burunge Language Project - Find out what is happening in translation.
  3. Pray - Support the Burunge people through prayer.
  4. Tanzania info - General information about Tanzania.
Mar 13, 2019

Literacy growth fueled by five-way partnership

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

burunge students

School children in the Burunge and Rangi communities enjoyed literacy classes in their own language at simultaneous workshops. "It was fun to watch them follow in their new reading primers," said a guest from funding partner Wycliffe USA. Instructors from SIL taught the lessons at an after-school program operated by Compassion International...


Oct 6, 2017

Scripture celebration 20 years in the making.

Written by Michelle H.

On August 23, hundreds of people gathered in the small village of Goima in central Tanzania to celebrate the official launch of the New Testament in the Burunge language.  Songs, dances and laughter filled the day as the Burunge people celebrated a task that had been 20 years in the making.

Mar 15, 2017

"These words in my language revealed God for me."

Written by Emmanuel Doe

image: Burunge translator reads Scripture to non-believing relative

In a Burunge village of central Tanzania, an elderly woman recalls a time when famine forced her people to leave their homeland. She follows another major world religion but, when her young relative (who works as a Burunge Bible translator) came to visit, she gladly welcomed hearing him read to her from a portion of Scripture written in their own language... Read more...
Sep 20, 2016

"Now we know: This really is OUR book!"

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

From all around the region, fifteen artistic men came to the capital city — many for their first time. From five language communities, from 17-70+ years old, they spent two weeks together learning to illustrate books and stories being published in their languages.

Jul 18, 2015

Heading towards Burunge Dedication

Written by Rachel M.

An air of excitement exists in the Dodoma office as the Burunge translators begin final checks on the New Testament. All of the office workers are looking forward to celebrating with the Burunge the completion of their New Testament which has been a long time in coming.

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