View of Bwamba from BundibugyoThe Bwisi area is mountainous and lush. (Uganda)
The Bwisi people live near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rebel activity in the area has made language work challenging. After a number of years of foundational linguistic work, two motivated and gifted Babwisi men caught a vision for, and began the work of translating the New Testament into their own language for their own people.

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  2. Bwisi Language Project - Meet the translation team.
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Bwisi translation progress

The Bwisi translation project has finished translating 100% of the New Testament.

Bwisi online dictionary now available


In August 2012, the Lubwisi dictionary became available online. The online dictionary comes complete with alphabetic and semantic meaning based search facilities. The dictionary allows downloading of PDF versions of the print dictionary and offline installers to enable stand alone dictionary use.

Link to Lubwisi Dictionary.

Thank you for praying for the ongoing work of the translation teams in Uganda.

Oct 5, 2016

Victory for the Bwisi people's journey...

Written by SIL Tanzania Communications

The Bwisi people of Uganda have now dedicated the first complete New Testament ever written in their language. Praise God! The printed Scriptures arrived in a symbolic, meaningful way — but they did not stay in boxes very long...

Jun 23, 2016

Lubwisi New Testaments arrive in Kampala

Written by Kathryn A.


"We want to see it with our own hands!" - that was the enthusiastic response of some Babwisi people upon hearing that the consignment of newly published New Testaments in Lubwisi had arrived in Kampala.

Jun 10, 2015

Lives changed by understanding the truth in Lubwisi

Written by Charles M.


People's lives are being changed because now people can understand the truth about Jesus in their mother tongue language. They understand better and many are accepting Christ as their personal Saviour. The number of those going to church in Bundibugyo is increasing and some bad cultural practices like going to witch doctors for consultations have reduced now.

Apr 19, 2011

“God answered my question in my own Language"

Written by Timothy B.

Lasto Ndighilantiya, from the Charismatic Episcopal church, took part in the November 2010 Mark Bible study facilitator training in luBwisi. Afterward, he said, "I have learned something great from Romans 7:19-23 with the help of the Topical Index booklet."

Jan 11, 2011

Now I understand very well

Written by Christopher

The pastors who attended the July 2010 Mark Bible Study Leader's Training were very happy to read the Gospel of Mark in luBwisi.  Christopher (education level of primary six) said, "It is my first time to read these four chapters of Mark completely.  I have been reading just small portions of the chapters. This has given me a deeper understanding of the context." 

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