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Feb 9, 2007

A Christmas Gift

Bwisi translators Charles M.
and Hannington B. (Bwisi - Uganda)
Beatrice, a Ugandan, often could not understand Scripture when it was read in church because it wasn't in her language, the language she knew best. For example, she never knew what it meant to "make the path straight." When she heard readings in church that she didn't understand, she just kept quiet. But this past Christmas day Beatrice heard the Gospel of Mark (Maliko) in her Lubwisi language. 

The reading was from Mark 1:1-8. This time, when she heard this passage in her mother tongue for the first time she came to understand what John the Baptist was talking about, "People preparing their lives and hearts for the coming of the Lord Jesus who has all the power to save people from their sins, including her." 

She said she will continue to believe, and trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of her life. She encouraged the gathering on that Christmas day to support the work of Bible Translation by prayer. We hope you will, too.

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