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Jan 30, 2006

Bwisi Language Project

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Translation testing in BugombuwaYou don't need a fancy office
to do translation checking. (Bwisi, Uganda)

Linguistic work began among the Bwisi people in 1992 by SIL-trained linguists working with World Harvest Mission. The family had to leave the work, but Bible translation continued with another family from 1994-2004. Rebel activity interrupted the work from 1997-2000 and required the team to evacuate the area periodically. It became clear that ongoing translation depended on having trained Bwisi translators, who could continue translating the Bible, even during difficult times. Bible translation work began in 2000.

Bwisi Translation Team

charles_mCharles M.
Hannington BHannington B.
The Bwisi team consists of Charles M and Hannington B. These men have received training in translation and have been supported in their work by translation consultants: John A, Waller T, Enoch W, Sam M and John M.





Translation Work

The Lubwisi translation team has produced a number of publications including:

  • Gospel of Mark
  • Jonah
  • The JESUS film script
  • Acts

Upon the clear reading of a section of the Gospel of Mark in Bwisi language, the Bwisi church erupted in spontaneous applause and wonder. Several hundred people, including high-ranking government officials, attended the dedications of Jonah and Mark.

The team has finished translating the entire New Testament. Publishing will follow pre-publication checks and reviews.

Lubwisi JonahJoseph T, Charles M and Hannington B.
recording Jonah. (Bwisi, Uganda)
Vernacular Media

The book of Jonah was recorded with the help of Joseph T, a vernacular media specialist (VMS), and with narration provided by Charles M. and Hannington B., who read the book aloud for the recording. Audio recordings are a significant help to new literates, encouraging them in the early and difficult stages of learning to read for the first time. Vernacular media is also an effective way to share translated materials with those who are not yet literate, including some who might be important figures in the community and who could have a significant influence on the acceptance of the translated Scriptures.

Literacy Among the Lubwisi

Basic literacy and transition literacy primers have been published in Lubwisi along with a number of easy reading books and a book of Bwisi stories.

The Lubwisi literacy team is led by Timothy B. He works with Hezekiah K., Coslant A. and Lick K. The team promotes mother tongue literacy and encourages Scripture engagement through seminars and workshops carried out in the Bwisi language area, including among Bwisi speakers living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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