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Apr 19, 2011

“God answered my question in my own Language"

Written by Timothy B.

bwisi_mark_bslrg Participants actively engaged in Mark Bible Study
facilitator training. (LuBwisi - Uganda)
"There is a question that has really been disturbing my mind: whenever I want to do something good, I find myself doing the opposite of what I wanted to do. But when I read the book of Romans, this chapter answered my question-it is the sin that lives in me that does this.
"I was able to access this answer because I began to read all the chapters of the New Testament available in my language before it is published. Through that process, the Lord has answered this question that was burdening my heart. I was not getting the answer to my burden before, because the Bible I was using [of another major language] was not speaking to me. I was just reading a few verses here and there, which I could understand. My Bible knowledge is limited, but I thank God that now I have a way of understanding His Word, even if I am alone with no one to explain the meaning of the foreign language Bibles-God's Word is coming in my own language!"

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