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Jun 10, 2015

Lives changed by understanding the truth in Lubwisi

Written by Charles M.


jflmsmlLubwisi now able to hear the Jesus film
in their own language. (Uganda)
Even things like offering sacrifices to ancestral spirits and worshiping them are decreasing a lot. So we thank the Lord for this great change in people's lives, and even the mode of Christian family living has now changed. People are honoring God in their daily living.

The encouraging news for me as a translator are three things. One is the way people demand for the Lubwisi Jesus films to be shown at burials for people to watch and feel much excitement as they hear the Jesus films in the Lubwisi language. Secondly, most churches here are reading and preaching the already published books, and even at burials they conduct the entire function in Lubwisi. One church in Bundibugyo town has asked for a print of at least a draft copy of the book of Revelation to use in their church. Thirdly, people are now asking that, as the New Testament is about to be finished, there should be a way for the translation of the Old Testament, so they may have the Word of God in its fullness. We are praying for the whole Bible in Lubwisi language. Every Sunday as people go to their places of worship we see them carrying and using the already printed Lubwisi materials. Others are now asking if they can begin paying for their copies of Bwisi New Testament.

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