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Jun 23, 2016

Lubwisi New Testaments arrive in Kampala

Written by Kathryn A.

lubwisibksLubwisi New Testament
The 6,000 books had travelled a long way. They were published in South Korea, shipped to the port of Mombasa in Kenya and then transported by truck to Uganda. They had finally arrived! Not content with hearing other peoples' reports, a team from the Babwisi community made the 8-hour journey from Bundibugyo in Western Uganda to the capital city Kampala to welcome the books and see them for themselves.

bwisigenchkOne of the Lubwisi translators, Bishop Hannington,
checks the printing of Genesis in Kampala.
Colleagues from Wycliffe Bible Translators (SIL) went to meet them and witnessed their excitement as they spotted the words printed on the cardboard boxes in the store room. Bishop Hannington, one of the translators, led a prayer of thanksgiving and the Babwisi people raised their voices in joyful praise to God. What a privilege to be there at that moment! Now they have returned to their home area to let others know about the Lubwisi New Testaments and to continue organising the forthcoming launch event on 29th July.


bwisigencvrsmlLubwisi Genesis
Although the New Testament is now completed, the translators have not stopped working. The book of Genesis and Jonah have already been translated and they will also be launched too. Many different people across three different continents have contributed their skills towards making this possible - the translators, the translation consultant, the typesetter, the cover designer and the printer. What a wonderful illustration of the Body of Christ using their gifts to glorify God and to make Him known.

Let us pray that God will speak to people through the Scriptures in Lubwisi, that many will come to know Him and grow in their knowledge and understanding of Him.

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