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Nov 28, 2005

Pray for the Bwisi

Written by Administrator

Nyahuka marketShopping for the best bargain. (Bwisi, Uganda)
The Bwisi people need your prayers. The initial work carried out by SIL-trained linguists laid a good foundation for Bible translation. The Lord then raised up two Bwisi men who became interested in translating the Word of God into the Bwisi language. Now there is a literacy and Scripture engagement team in place.



Praise the Lord for the completed translation of the New Testament into the Bwisi language.

Praise the Lord for the translators and literacy workers for the good work they are doing.

Praise the Lord for the way Bwisi people are using the already translated scriptures in churches where the Bwisi language is spoken.

Praise the Lord for way Bwisi are interested in learning their language through literacy classes and through the popular HIV/AIDS awareness materials (Kande's Story, called Kabonesa's Story in Bwisi).




Pray for the translation team for God's wisdom and protection as they go through the pre-publication checks, reviews and typesetting ahead of the publication of the New Testament.

Pray for increasing use of already published portions of Scripture in churches.

Prayer for the use of the recordings/tapes of Jonah and Mark

Pray for the literacy team as they encourage and teach others in their community to read and write their own language through literacy classes. Pray for the team as they equip others to teach literacy and to use mother tongue Scriptures and Scripture-related materials within the churches in the Bwisi area


Join the Bibleless People's Prayer Project and commit to praying for the Bwisi people. 

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