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Nov 28, 2005

The Bwisi People

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bwisimap.jpgName of Language: Lubwisi

Name of People: Babwisi

Name of Area: Bwamba

Location within country: In Uganda and crossing into the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Uganda: Bwamba County, Bundibugyo District, West and North of Rwenzori Mountains, west of Fort Portal, south of Lake Albert, at the border with DRC.

Geography and Climate: Tropical forest

Altitude: 900-1300 metres

Geographic Co-ordinates: 0.45°N, 30 °E

Populaton: 84,357

Cultural Information: Subsistence farmers who also grow cocoa and vanilla.

Diet: Cassava, Rice, Plantains, Sweet Potatoes, soybeans, beans, fish, meat, cassava leaves, palm oil.

Economic Status: Approx. $500 (US) p.a. per family unit, on average.

Alternate language names: Kitalinga, Lubwisi, Olubwisi, Mawissi.

Religion: Christian 75%, Muslim 15%, Animist 10%

Typical Bwisi homeTypical Bwisi home. (Uganda)
History: Part of the Tooro Kingdom, fought with Tooro for Independence in 1960’s resulting in becoming a separate district (Bundibugyo) from Tooro.

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