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May 26, 2009

The God of the Bwisi speaks the Bwisi language

Written by Administrator

"Being a pastor I was not seeing the importance and goodness reading the Bible in our mother language since we already have and use the KiSwahili Bible, and because I thought the Bwisi scripture (portions) were difficult to read. But when I hear (translator) Charles reading in the Bwisi language, I am hearing a Bwisi God himself speaking to my heart. Praise God! The Bwisi people will confess and accept the Lord Jesus when they finally have the New Testament in their own language. Praise God! May God give many days of living to (Bwisi translators) Charles and Hannington."

Rev. Canon Canon Babwisi Shauri Moya from the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Bwisi is a cross-border language, spoken in both Uganda and Congo)

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