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Apr 21, 2007

The Word brings testimony

"As Literacy Coordinator of the area, I have never seen such enjoyment like what I saw in this training! The training led the pastors into repentance which I was not expecting. When I tried to enquire as to why they were happy I was told that it is because they are getting the message as if it is God communicating with them directly. I did not expect that people, especially the church leaders, would pick interest in this work.  But now I am fully charged up because they have picked the interest of reading the Bible in their local language of Bwisi. Glory be to God!" Timothy B.


After reading Mark 2:1-12 (Jesus heals the paralytic): "My wife has suffered with sickness for four years. And because of that I lost my hope. But God has intended to call me in this training so that I may be renewed again. When Timothy was reading those verses, I did not hear Timothy like Timothy but like God speaking with me directly. God bless the team that has prepared this study guide. Even if my wife dies, I have hope in the Lord." Rev. Amon S.


After he was invited to come to the workshop, he was about to refuse. But when he joined the workshop, God revealed something new to him. "I now know how to conduct a Bible Study such that each person is allowed to participate and read the Bible. I have been helped so much because I was hearing things as if God is speaking with me face to face." Pastor Mahombi T.

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