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Jan 11, 2011

Unwritable Language?

Written by The Administrator

bwisiaidssu2010lge A Scripture in Use (SU) workshop on AIDS
conducted in Bwisi. (luBwisi - Uganda)

He said, "This is the 50th year that I have been attending church, but I have never, ever read any Bible verse in Bwisi!  I have only known people to read the Bible in ruTooro [neighbouring big language] and then the preacher to interpret it into luBwisi.  I used to think that that is why people are taken to college-to learn how to change words from ruTooro to luBwisi. I am like the old man Simeon in the Bible whom the Holy Spirit promised he would not die without seeing Messiah. God has given me a time of grace in this world so that I can hear the Word of God in my own language, the language which I understand. No one can understand the plans of God; people used to say that no one would manage to write the Bible in luBwisi because it is an unwritable language."  Mulindi concluded by asking God to bless all those who have contributed money, knowledge and time toward the procedures and techniques of getting Bwisi written.


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