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to Gungu children. (Uganda
Traditionally fishermen and pastoralists, most Bagungu live in mud houses with a grass roof. Language work began among the Bagungu in 1996. The Bible is available in Runyoro, the neighboring language of wider communication but only the educated can read it. Many years ago missionaries brought the gospel and about five denominations have churches in the area. Unfortunately very few attend church, and even though the people call themselves “Christians” only a few are believers, and traditional religion which binds the people in fear is still very real.

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  1. About the Gungu - General information about the Gungu people.
  2. Gungu Language Project - Meet the Gungu translation team.
  3. Pray- Support the Gungu people through prayer.
  4. Uganda Info - General Country information.



Gungu translation progress

The Gungu translation project has finished translating 100% of the New Testament.

Gungu online Dictionary now available


In August 2012, the Lugungu dictionary became available online. The online dictionary comes complete with alphabetic and semantic meaning based search facilities. The dictionary allows downloading of PDF versions of the print dictionary and offline installers to enable stand alone dictionary use.

Link to Gungu Dictionary

Thank you for praying for the ongoing work of the translation teams in Uganda.

Jan 11, 2018

"I am not going to church without a Gungu Bible!"

Written by Kathryn A.

Thousands of the Gungu community flocked to celebrate the launch of the New Testament in their language. So great was their desire that available copies quickly sold out. After an urgent phone call, another truckload arrived the next morning. A guard, who could not read but had heard about the new Scriptures, asked a man to read to him from the book of Matthew...

Sep 18, 2015

New Testament community check

Written by Kathryn A.

enteachsmlOn the 25th May, 2015, the Lugungu Translation team and Rev. Enoch Wandera, the lead person, opened the New Testament read-through translation workshop with twenty participants in Buliisa Town Council, Buliisa District. The twenty participants were community/church representatives who had been selected from various denominational backgrounds, geographical locations, age difference and gender.

Nov 3, 2006

New Songs Take to the Air

Gungu music workshop
In August 2006, in the Lugungu speaking area, a weeklong Song Workshop was held. An Ethnomusicologist and a Vernacular Media specialist taught the attendees how to compose worship songs in locally appropriate musical styles using Scripture from the newly translated gospel of Luke. As a result 28 new songs were recorded that will be released on cassette tape and aired on local radio stations. People left the workshop praising the Lord in their own music and language and excited about using these songs in their churches.
Nov 28, 2005

Why We Check Translation

Written by Martin
Sometimes people ask why we go through so many stages and checks before we publish Scripture. Read how the Lugungu translators avoided embarassment. Read more...
Nov 28, 2005

God is at Work

Written by Martin
When the Scriptures are understandable, they are powerful! Read how the Gospel transformed a woman because they were in her own language. Read more...
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