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Nov 28, 2005

God is at Work

Written by Martin

gungu3_ladies_talking.jpgJulie enjoying a visit with friends (Gungu, Uganda)
Part of the translation process involves getting local church members to read and check the translation drafts. James and Moses have now been meeting regularly with a group of about fifteen such church folk to review the translation.

An older woman called Jessica has been attending from the Anglican Church in the area. During a meeting as they were reading through the book of Luke, she was so touched by the Scriptures in her language that she could not get them out of her mind. As she went home she continued to think about the words of Jesus as they had come alive to her in the written words of Lugungu. She felt so convicted that she called the church leaders to come to her house and asked them to pray for her. There and then, she accepted Jesus as her Saviour. Before that, she had been a churchgoer, but had not made a decision to follow Jesus personally. Now, with the clarity of the gospel message in her own language, she felt the conviction of the Spirit and happily surrendered her life to him.

What a motivation to translate the Scriptures in the Lugungu language!

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