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Sep 18, 2015

New Testament community check

Written by Kathryn A.

lugparticsml The Gungu read-through participants appreciated the contribution
the translation team had made to translate the New Testament

The exercise started very well with devotion and a brief communication from Enoch. In his briefing remarks to the participants, Enoch pointed out the importance of the work and appealed to the participants to work diligently to accomplish the work within the set time. He also appealed to the participants to avoid digressing into unnecessary arguments over terminologies and denominational teachings, but to stick onto seeing that the translation was natural and clear. Throughout the readthrough many of the participants were impacted by the translation. As they read the Scriptures, they kept on reacting to the different parts of the translation. Sometimes, they nodded in approval, or expressed feelings of conviction, or even expressed fear for very strong statements of God's judgement. By the time we finished reading through, most of the participants were very excited and expressed the desire to have copies of the prints straight away. We closed the workshop by allowing the participants to comment on the work. In their concluding remarks they appreciated the support and contribution of SIL and the Donors for having enabled this work to get this far. Others felt indebted to the translation team for the great work they had done to translate the NT. One of them remarked that, "If it has taken us just two weeks to work so hard to check this work, how much more difficult has it been for those who have been translating it for the last thirteen years?" They all expressed joy for the work and requested support for the Old Testament translation.

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