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Nov 28, 2005

Pray for the Gungu

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Carrying waterThe best way to carry a jerry can full of water.
(Gungu, Uganda)
The Need for Prayer

The Gungu people have had churches for many years and about 50% of the population would call themselves Christians. However, on any given Sunday less than 5% of people are in church. Even then most of the people that are churchgoers are weak in their faith.

Much Has Been Done

The Lugungu team have been working steadily on translating the Scriptures and other local language materials. The entire New Testament has now been completed. The team are waiting eagerly for final checks and typesetting to be completed so that the published New Testament can be available to their fellow Bagungu in their own language.


  1. For the Gungu Bible Translation Review Committee to continue in their vision and to work well together.
  2. That the Gungu church will use the Gospel of Luke as well as other Scripture that has been published to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow in their faith.
  3. For the translators, James M and Moses B, as they work on the final stages of preparing the New Testament for publication.
  4. For the Lugungu literacy team as they teach people to read and write in Lugungu and as they encourage the churches to use the translated Scriptures. Pray that God would give them health and strength and equip them with the resources to do this immense task.
  5. Ideas in praying for these requests:

    • gungutranslation_team_outside_office.jpgMartin D, James M and Moses B outside
      the Gungu Translation Office. (Gungu, Uganda)
      Pray on your own
    • Pray as a family
    • Pray in your small group
    • Pray as a church

    Find out how you can 'adopt' the Gungu people by joining the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project.

    Find out how your church can become a partner with the Gungu project.

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