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ik.mountain_people.jpg The Ik (rhymes with 'stick') live in the northeast corner of Uganda, in a very remote area of what is now called Kaabong District. The Ik number at least 10,000 who live in the mountains and hills above the Karamoja region. A language survey team found the Ik to be very poor, oppressed, and marginalized, but receptive to the gospel.

In 1972, Colin Turnbull published a book about the Ik titled The Mountain People. At one point Turnbull said, "They were beyond saving as a society." But when the survey team visited the Ik they did not encounter a people like Turnbull described. They found a very friendly, yet desperate group of people who freely welcomed them.

There is growing interest within Uganda to reach the Ik people, though most Ugandans have never heard of them. Pray that God would make the needs of the Ik known to the world, and that they would desire to reach out to the Ik with the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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