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Feb 9, 2007

The Ik team

ik.incoming_teamTerrill and Amber are serving
the Ik people

In October 2005, an email was sent to Wycliffe organizations worldwide, summoning someone to come and start a language project among the Ik. Terrill and Amber answered that call. They finished their training and arrived in 2008 to begin research among the Ik.

Amber holds a nursing degree and still seeks to meet the real, physical, day-to-day needs of the Ik people.

Terrill has an MA in Applied Linguistics and has been working on analysing Icetot (‘Ik-speak') the Ik language. They now have a preliminary writing system, which is foundational for future translation work.

Since partnerships at multiple levels are crucial to the success of any project, building relationships with the Ik, community leaders, and other organizations and stakeholders is a priority. Terrill and Amber have built a home in the mountains where the Ik live in order to provide the best opportunity to build relationships with the community. Relationship building, work on the language and community health activities among the Ik are largely contingent on the security and stability of the region.

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