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Jan 30, 2006

Gwere Language Project

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The Lugwere Translation Team 

samm_01 Samuel M. now serving as a Translation
Consultant to translation teams. (Uganda)
The initial Lugwere translation team consisted of two highly motivated men Sam M and Richard N, who had a strong desire to have the Scriptures in their own language. Sam M, who served as the Gwere project leader, had been working tirelessly for 30 years to bring the Scriptures to the Gwere people, so that “God will not be just a Sunday visitor” (read more). Sam M is now serving as a Translation Consultant, helping to ensure that translation teams produce accurate, natural and communicative translations of Scripture. Richard N found he has a passion for linguistics and has been helping a number of different language communities in Uganda consider the best way to represent the written form of their languages. Meanwhile, the translation of the New Testament in Lugwere has continued with the translation team of Davis D, George C and Robert S.

The team have now completed translation of the entire New Testament. Publishing will follow pre-publication checks and reviews.

Lugwere Literacy Work

gwlitstaffprf Gwere Literacy team proofing materials. (Uganda)
Gasyodo M, James S, Kirya E and Michael K make up the Lugwere literacy and Scripture engagement team. Together they promote the use of Lugwere in their community through teaching, and equipping others to teach, mother tongue literacy. This includes teaching primary school teachers to be able to use Lugwere in the initial stages of primary education. They also use Scripture engagement workshops to encourage and promote the use of Lugwere in the local churches. They have produced a number of local language publications including: basic literacy and transition literacy primers; a Lugwere teachers resource book; easy reading books for inclusion in a Mother Tongue Education program; a number of Bible story books; and Bible study guides.

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