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Nov 29, 2005

Pray for the Gwere

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The Gwere church desperately needs the Word of God in Gwere language if it is to grow and deepen and shake the current entanglement with traditional religion. The translation team have worked steadily to translate the Scriptures into Lugwere so that the Gwere people might have God’s Word in their mother tongue and so that “God will not be just a Sunday visitor.”

Your church could be involved in:

  • Partnership with the Gwere Bible Translation and Literacy Committee, which has the broad-based support of virtually all the Protestant churches in the Gwere area.
  • Practical support
  • Encouragement

There are likely to be opportunities for members of a church to visit for the purpose of making a spiritual and practical contribution and developing relationships.


  1. For the Gwere people, that they may come to a fuller understanding of the teaching of the Bible and of God’s love for them, so that they no longer rely on the witchdoctors.
  2. That the Gwere church will grow and will be able to take ownership of getting the Bible in their language.
  3. For the translation team as they complete the final stages of checking the New Testament translation ahead of typesetting and publishing.
  4. For the Gwere Bible Translaton and Literacy Association to be united in their efforts and supplied with the resources they need to complete their mandate.

  5. For the Lugwere literacy and Scripture engagement team as they encourage and promote the use of the mother tongue in primary schools, in the community, and in the local churches.

Ideas in praying for these requests:

  • Pray on your own
  • Pray as a family
  • Pray in your small group
  • Pray as a church

Find out how you can 'adopt' the Gwere people by joining the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project.

Find out how your church can become a partner with the Gwere project.

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