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Jan 13, 2006

Join Us in Language Related Work

Kinga doing PhonologyConnie K working with the Kinga team
on their phonology. (Tanzania)
Make A Difference!*

Become involved in the worldwide task of Bible Translation. Find out what it takes to do language work in unwritten languages. Do you have interest or expertise in any of these areas?

Linguistic Consultants

Linguists are professionals who apply their linguistic training to assist local translators in analyzing the sound stem of a particular language. Their work not only involves producing a practical alphabet but figuring out the grammatical rules that are unique to each language. (Minimum 4 years of service)

Literacy Specialists

Literacy specialists develop beginning readers (primers), often working with local people and training them to do literacy work in their own language. Literacy specialists work with a literacy supervisor and are involved in:

  • local training
  • materials production
  • management of literacy for a particular language group.
  • teaching courses
  • training teachers and writers
  • preparing books to create a corpus of literature
  • supervising trained literacy workers
  • reporting on local activities
  • producing training materials in local language (Minimum 2 years of service)

Translation Consultants

Translators are learners. First they must learn the local language and the culture. If they are not involved in the linguistic work they assist national translators in accurate translation of the meaning of the original texts. Highly trained and skilled, they are also involved in teaching translation workshops for many translation projects. (Minimum 4 years of service)


Language Assessment Specialists are on the front lines of our work. The first step in the Bible translation process is determining which language groups don't have, but need, mother-tongue Scriptures. We also have need of a Scripture Use Specialist and a Language Program coordinator. (Minimum 2 years of service)


Are you interested in doing something that’s not listed here? Contact us regarding your area of interest.

Learn more about the work of Linguistic Consultants,Literacy Specialists, Translation Consultants, or Sociolinguists (Language Assessment).

*Please note that all positions are non-salaried.

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