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Jan 12, 2006

Join Us in Support Work

wayne_typesetting.jpgTypesetting is a rewarding job as it involves
the final product. (Support Work, Kenya)
Make A Difference!

You can help support the worldwide task of Bible Translation by using skills you may already have. Wycliffe members serving in Uganda and Tanzania are not just translators and linguists. Skilled people of all ages, and from many walks of life, are needed to help finish the task. Whether short-term or longer, you can invest your time and expertise to bring life to others. Positions are non-salaried. Each Wycliffe member or volunteer raises his or her own support from family, friends and churches. The following list is by no means exhaustive:

Managers and Administrators

Good administration is key in any effective organization. We have needs for a variety of managerial positions. General responsibilities include;

  • planning

  • organizing

  • coordinating

  • staffing

  • encouraging

  • enabling colleagues to function effectively

  • training local people as managers

Teachers: Elementary School

Whether you are interested in tutoring children of families living in remote villages or teaching in an established school in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, we have opportunities for you! More information can be found in the FAQ section. (Minimum 1 year of service)

Teachers: Secondary School

You may be interested in teaching home-schooled teenagers or specializing in a high school environment. There are High School teachers needed at West Nairobi School in Nairobi, Kenya. There is also Haven Of Peace in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Contact us and let us know your area of expertise and where you would like to go. (Minimum 1 year of service)

Support Services Staff

Personnel assistants, administrators, and coordinating housing are just a few of the jobs which make language teams’ work easier and in some cases possible. People who are flexible, adaptable, enterprising and willing to do a wide variety of tasks are needed for these roles.

Communications Specialists

If you are skilled in communications we have need of a photojournalist and research specialist.

Construction Workers

Do you have skills in architecture, building, engineering, plumbing, electricity or management? Your efforts could help alleviate some of the stress experienced by missionaries facing difficult living conditions.


Accounting and finance know-how keeps us all in the black. Bookkeepers, accountants and financial management are needed. Contact us regarding your area of interest and expertise.

Information Technology

Technology offers exciting possibilities in the work of Bible translation. Wycliffe personnel use the latest technology in providing computing and communications services in various areas. Trained computer specialists are essential for a variety of roles to work with a variety of equipment. They maintain computers, from laptops to network systems. They serve in desktop publishing, as graphic designers, programmers, repair technicians and consultants to translators. Computer personnel are also needed for troubleshooting, training, research and development. (Minimum 1 month of service)

DwightYou can see that Dwight really loves being a manager.
(Support Work, Tanzania)


Are you interested in contributing to the worldwide task of Bible Translation? Wondering where you might go for training in a specific field? There are many schools worldwide, which offer excellent courses, programs, master’s degrees and even doctorates in different areas. Contact us so we can direct you to a school near you.

Vernacular Media Specialist

Do you have a bent towards media technology? Some language groups are greatly helped by audio recordings through cassettes, video, and radio. Find out more by checking out our page on Scripture Use.


Are you interested in doing something that’s not listed here? Contact us regarding your area of interest.

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