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Mar 7, 2014

Choir recording

Written by Karin Y.

katavi_choir_recordingwksp_-_bende2014 Great delight is taken in being a member
of a choir. (Katavi Cluster - Tanzania)
At the end of February we went to some villages in both the Pimbwe language area and the Bende language area in order to record choirs singing songs in their mother tongue. Our colleague, Jo, who is a Vernacular Media Specialist, came up from Mbeya for that purpose. In every village we recorded one choir, singing up to eight songs. The size and formation of the choirs varied enormously: one choir consisted of only seven (young) men, while another consisted mainly of old people and another one again was a fairly professional choir of about 30 men and women, all wearing uniforms. Even the locations for the recordings were very varied. One choir sang in a big church where the sound was great, while another choir was recorded in a private house without a roof, just next to the pig stall. A few times the pigs joined in the singing. After Jo had finished editing the songs and compiling them, we burned CDs and designed covers for them. Now we have started to distribute them to the members of the choirs as well as to others. People are excited to be able to listen to songs in their mother tongue. We are looking forward to getting more feedback from the Bende and Pimbwe communities.

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