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Apr 2, 2014

Excitement over Pimbe publications

Written by Karin Y.

pimbwe_language_cards_lge Pimbwe language cards help collect information for language accuracy
and for future publications. (Katavi Cluster - Tanzania)

A young woman from the Pimbwe people group came to Mpanda to work with me for a few days. Amongst other things I wanted to check some words in little literacy booklets which we hope to be able to print this year. When we read through these booklets, I could really see the excitement on the face of that young woman. And when we had finished she expressed her feelings, "It will be so nice when these booklets get printed!" Also when she looked at the Pimbwe calendar for 2014 which we had printed, she was really excited. She was one of the participants at the workshop in which we collected the proverbs used in the calendar. So it was great for her to see that we did something with those proverbs and that even other Pimbwe speakers can benefit from the products of that workshop in 2012.


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