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Jun 20, 2016

"Let them hear these books!"

Written by Kenny G

image: Translation review in Pimbwe community Pimbwe community leaders meet with the translator to
review new mother-tongue Scripture portions.

In Katavi Region (western Tanzania), two local translators are eager to complete the first few books of Scripture in their neighboring mother tongues. Matthias Kassanda speaks Bende, while Linus Shauritanga speaks Pimbwe. Working alongside each other, they have already translated the books of Ruth and Jonah.

While the typesetting gets completed before printing begins, Kassanda and Shauritanga have also recorded audio versions of all four texts. Always intent on engaging their communities to test the translations in progress, the two men took the recordings on CD into nearby villages...

"When we began to play the recordings for people," they later shared, "they were very happy. Even some of the elders -- their eyes can not read a book, but they can hear the voice of these CDs -- they are enjoying this work.

"They say to us, 'Thank you for establishing this project at Katavi. Now we have the Word of God in our mother tongue!' And we are thankful, too."

Please pray with us for the Bende and Pimbwe communities. Let's ask God to help Kassanda and Shauritanga as they continue to work. Pray that these audio recordings of Ruth and Jonah (and soon the printed books, too) will be used well throughout those communities. Pray that such interest in Scripture will help to build momentum in the translation and literacy work of this project.

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