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Oct 2, 2014

Our language is alive!

Written by Karin Y.

pimbwe_singing_for_a_recordingPimbwe being used during a recording.

In the Pimbwe area you can find people from many different language areas. In the Pimbwe village called Majimoto the majority are from the Sukuma group. Therefore it is very easy to hear people speak Sukuma. Because the Pimbwe are in the minority they often don't feel proud of their language and they would rather speak Sukuma than Pimbwe. However, the orthography testing workshop in January boosted the confidence of the participants. There they saw that their language can also be written down. We distributed Pimbwe calendars and emphasized over and over again that their language is unique, that they should value it. We encouraged them to use it in their daily lives, even with their children, so that their language won't die. At the end of the workshop one of the participants in the village of Majimoto remarked, "Our language had died but now it has risen again!"

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