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Mar 14, 2016

Pimbwe community rallies to record audio Scriptures

Written by Kenny G
image: Audio recording in Pimbwe language Linus Shauritanga (our team's Pimbwe translator) reviews
Scripture while a technician checks an earlier recording.
Translation of Jonah and Ruth into the Pimbwe language was completed. The team had recruited help from the community to make audio recordings of both books. But as the days set for recording approached, many of those voices could not be found...
The reason quickly became clear: farming season had arrived. Many in the community (even some of the translation staff) were responsible for a plot of land, and had gone to see to it.
This sort of issue is not uncommon in the small, rural towns and villages of East Africa. In fact, though it can't always work out, much effort goes into planning community activities around any known conflicts, such as farming and rainy seasons. Also, the team had already arranged for more help than was needed, in case of just such a challenge. But even with all of the replacement voices, they would not have enough.
So a few staff followed people to their farms.
Most were still not ready to join the recording, but some agreed to stop their work in the fields and help with the recording until it was finished.
When the recording technicians arrived with their equipment, they still needed a few voices. Finally, enough Pimbwe speakers were found, and complete audio recordings of Jonah and Ruth were made during the visit. Praise God!
Farming their land is a serious matter for the Pimbwe. The translation team was inspired and grateful to see many in the community willing to risk lost planting time to help bring God's Word closer to those who need it.

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