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Sep 23, 2010

Kwamba Language Project

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Research of the Kwamba language was carried out between 1993-1995 by Dr. C. Kutsch Lojenga a consultant in Bantu languages and lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Further assessment of the Kwamba language was carried out in September 2007. Those involved were C. Kutsch Lojenga, Mr. Mubulya A. W. and Mr. Nsulanga M. They developed a seven hundred word Kwamba mini dictionary containing both Swahili and English glosses.

In November 2009 a workshop was conducted with the help of SIL, to develop the Kwamba orthography. Two workshops followed organized by the Kwamba/Lubwisi Development Association (K/LDA) with representatives from all over Bwamba county and Groupment Bhahumu in the DRC.

In February 2010 two documents were published;

  • Kitabo sa Habhuula Handiika Kwamba (The Kwamba Spelling Guide).
  • Looki̱ sa Kwamba (The Kwamba Alphabet Chart).


The Bamba have a great zeal for their language. They have seen their brothers and sisters the Babwisi receiving a number of Scripture materials and other books in their language and desire the same for their own language, Kwamba.


A team of three Bamba namely Mubulya A.W., Tibamwenda S. and Mbangi H. have translated the Book of Jonah and the Gospel of Luke into Kwamba. These publications together with a Kwamba Spelling Guide, are now available to the Bamba language community.

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