May 16, 2012

A Momentous Day

Written by Misha S.

ikizuguests Ikizu community leaders attend the March 2012
dedication of Luke (Mara Cluster - Tanzania).

However, the dedication was being planned and paid for by Ikizu community leaders, and their schedules and budgets were not up for an August dedication. After many months of not being sure when it would ever happen, it was rescheduled for February 2012. Then it was delayed again until March 30, and this time it really happened! Everyone was ready to celebrate at long last! There were speeches and prayers in Ikizu (as well as some in Swahili and English, being a multi-national event). Attendees ranged from prominent leaders to local kids present, and a few goats were slaughtered to make it a true party. The event was held in the biggest Ikizu village, under a giant tree named Omong'we. The village was founded there because of this enormous tree, which is over 400 years old. After working on creating the Ikizu alphabet, training translators, and checking many chapters of Scripture, carrying the box of books was rather momentous for me!


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