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Oct 28, 2011

A new Question

Written by Andrew S

biblesun02 A Bible Sunday event being conducted
at a local church. (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)

October 24th was a highlight day as we organized our first big event in the community.  "Bible Sunday" was celebrated in thirteen churches (all different denominations) in the Musoma area to celebrate the Word of God.  Mixed teams were organized and sent out to share about Bible history, the value of Scripture, and our work of Bible translation.  Some teams got creative and gave drama performances, presented monster Bible history timelines, or gave out Bible study bookmarks.  Others simply enjoyed sharing the value of God's Word through reading a freshly-translated passage from Luke or a sermon on the topic.  The churches loved it!

The big question around the Mara Cluster office has now changed.  Now it is, "When are we going to do another Bible Sunday event?"  It seems that each and every person saw the value of what happened through this event, and now everyone is excited to do it again.  "We want to go out into the villages and do it there next time!"


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