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Sep 19, 2013

A Whole New Experience

Lord's Prayer in Ikoma

During a recent visit to a Roman Catholic church in the Tanzanian village of Nyichoka, a team from the Mara Cluster translation project was given time at the end of the service to share about Bible translation in the Ikoma language.  They read Ikoma Scripture, gave testimony about the importance of reading the Bible and worshipping in the mother tongue, taught about the history of Bible translation, and explained more about the ongoing translation work in Mara Region.  For the team, the most memorable part of their presentation was at the end as they were handing out Scripture bookmarks and copies of the Lord's Prayer in Ikoma.  As one of the Ikoma translators began reading the prayer aloud, voices quieted as everyone began to listen intently.  Smiles formed on everyone's faces.  People were looking around at one another, clearly excited about what they were hearing.  As the prayer ended, the congregation erupted with a round of applause and excitement.  The prayer is such a familiar part of their worship, but hearing it in Ikoma for the first time made it a whole new experience!
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