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Jan 30, 2017

JESUS Film Audition Turns Into Language Workshop

Written by Kenny G

image: Showing JESUS film in Kwaya LanguageThe JESUS film is also completed in Kwaya language, and
being shown throughout that community.
(photo: Michael Nicholls)

In July, an actors' workshop was held in the Ikoma region in preparation for the recording of the JESUS film. During this workshop, participants learned or reviewed how to read Ikoma, tried out for different parts in the film, and prepared for recording.

Throughout the course of the workshop, participants also spent time thinking about the impact of the Bible translation project. Here are some of their comments:


"Personally, reading in Ikoma has been very helpful. I am able to really understand the Bible."

"The children I teach in Sunday School really enjoy learning in Ikoma. They listen much better and are very curious about what I am teaching when I teach in Ikoma."

"For the whole Ikoma community, this work has really caused us to pay more attention to our language and culture. We have forgotten many things, and we really doubted that outsiders could come help us with our language. But they came, and they keep coming and asking us questions about our language and researching how it works. All of this has helped us to think more about our own language, and to treasure it more."

"When I was teaching at the primary school in Robanda, I taught many children how to read Ikoma. They were really interested in it and asked a lot of questions about their language, their origins, and their culture."

"I like to look at several translations when I am studying Scripture. I will have two Swahili Bibles, an English Bible, and my Ikoma Bible portions. All of them work together to enrich my understanding of God's Word."


Participants also discussed some of the challenges of distribution and making sure each village had a literacy teacher to help people learn to read. Together this group of people began to address issues in their community and ways to help others engage Scripture in the Ikoma language.

Story by Jeff Robinson

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