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May 9, 2012

Book-making Workshop in 8 languages!

Written by Alison C.

mara_bks Publications are now being produced for languages
in Mara region. (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)
Gitti, Msafiri, and Flavian have more than five years of experience in this particular kind of book-making workshop; we were so grateful for their expertise and help!

A literacy specialist from Pioneer Bible Translators also came to help. While it was on-the-job training for her, she contributed immensely. It was such an encouragement to see the Body of Christ pulling together to make this event happen!

A facilitator assigned to each language group helped guide the participants through the book-making process, which included: writing a draft, a team check (peer editing), a community check (which includes checking both content and pictures), back translation, a check of the back translation against the source text, a linguistic check, a Scripture Use check (easy reader Bible stories require checks similar to the kinds of checks done for verses of translated Scripture), and entry of the checked text into Publisher software.

Over the next several months, we will need to finish up Scripture Use and linguistic checks, send the booklets to consultants for approval, and await the final publication approval from our Language Programs Manager. Please pray for perseverance in bringing all these books to publication!

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