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May 27, 2011

"I want that for me!"

Written by Misha S.

testing_script Local people gather to listen to scripture being
read aloud. (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)
Following their usual routine for checking chapters of translated scripture, the Zanaki team went to a village to read Luke 13. A small group of local people gathered to listen, and one of them read the chapter aloud.

One woman in the group listened intently to the passage about Jesus healing the woman who was crippled by a spirit for eighteen years (Luke 13:10-17).  She stayed during the whole checking session, listening to everyone else.  After the others left at the end of the day, she approached the two translators.  She said, "I want your religion!  I am like that woman who was healed; she had so many problems, but Jesus healed her.  I want that for me!"

In that village there was only one local church, so the translators went and found the pastor.  It turned out that the woman and the pastor were neighbors!  Bringing the pastor to the woman, the translators explained how they'd been reading the newly-translated Zanaki scriptures aloud and that she'd listened and identified with the woman Jesus healed.  The pastor began talking with her, telling her more about the Jesus she'd heard about that day in Luke 13.

The translators had no idea how God was going to use the passage they had just translated to touch a woman's life, but they were very happy that he had led them to check that particular chapter in that village!

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