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Jul 17, 2017

A sweet return among the Zinza.

Written by Tim G.

jesus_film_zsml The premier showing of The Jesus film in Zinza language
attracted a lot of support from the local community.

In general I always love it when I can get out of the office, and back out to see people in the villages. It was no different this time as my family travelled with me to return to the village of Nyakaliro, where 8 years earlier SIL had dedicated the book of Genesis for the Zinza people. We were in the same village again, this time for a dedication event and premier showing for the Zinza JESUS Film. There in attendance were so many faces I knew from all around the Zinza areas. It was so great to see the Mlekule dancers and drummers and to recognize a few of them who had once attended a music workshop many years ago. It was great to do a celebration dance with Padre Bilingi, and to see again on the committee the man who had once saved my wife and me from a mob of people angry because we had taken a picture. So much about the place and the many faces were so familiar, and this brought back many wonderful memories. However, there were some significant differences this time around as well! Back in 2009, the Zinza Bible translators and I had done most all of the leg-work and funding for the Zinza Genesis dedication event ourselves. This time around however, the Committee for the Customs and Traditions of the Zinza people had organized everything, and they had received only a modest contribution from SIL to help with funding the event.  They were even selling event T-shirts! The Zinza people themselves were invested this time, and it was so very sweet to experience just how much they really wanted to celebrate this film, and to see up on the big screen - Jesus and the disciples speaking in their very own Zinza language!

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