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Aug 27, 2014

Jesus Film Premier in Mara Region

Written by Tim G.

jesus_film_zanak_ismall God has truly blessed the premier showings of the Jesus Film
shown in the Mara region (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)
It was the rainy season, but God gave us two glorious star filled night skies for the two premiers of the Jesus film in the Mara region for the Kabwa and Zanaki language people groups. Our SIL Kabwa and Zanaki translators translated the script for these films and were instrumental in finding the voice actors needed.  We are praising God for the tremendous response to the film premiers which took place in April.  To illustrate a little what the response was like, let me tell you what our office's Partnership Officer, himself a Zanaki man, Pastor Willy Futakamba- reported after the Zanaki Jesus Film Premier. 70+ adults (children were at least another 70) came forward in response to the Gospel message given along with the film. The next day 3 men who had been at the film tracked Pastor Futakamba down at his home. "We now can see that this Jesus can speak our language.  We want to become Christians.  Please tell us where we should go and what we should do." They were ready to completely leave their previous lives behind and were seeking out a Christian community for which they could join.  God has truly blessed these premiers.  Pray that He will continue to bless these films as they will be used in evangelism around the Kabwa and Zanaki communities.

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