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Feb 16, 2015

Kwaya Pastor's workshop

Written by Jeff R.

kwayaptrstrng02 The Scripture Use workshop allowed participants to discuss
the importance of using the Kwaya language in ministry.
Last March, the Scripture Use Department started a trial run for a new set of workshops for pastors. These workshops are designed to help pastors think about the value of using mother tongue in their ministry and to encourage them to start using it. The first workshop took place in the Kwaya village of Nyegina with 13 pastors, evangelists, and catechists in attendance.  As discussions took place concerning God's view of language and the importance of understanding God's word, participants shared about the struggles they've had when teaching.  Everyone saw the value of using the Kwaya language in ministry, and that helping people study God's word in Kwaya, would be a great blessing to their congregations.  Pastors were left with a challenge to introduce Kwaya in some way to their church ministry and a promise that we would all gather again to keep thinking about using mother tongue in ministry. The day was clearly an encouragement to the participants and also to the SU Department. The group made plans to meet at least two more times for follow up, further teaching, and encouragement. 

During the second workshop, Pastor Salmon Lazaro reported his experiences to the group. "In the first workshop I learned about the value of using Kwaya in my ministry, and that workshop really helped me. I started reading the Gospel of Luke in Kwaya and I saw that people were really attentive as they listened. This has been such a help to my church's ministry. People are coming with a hunger to hear Jesus preached in the Kwaya language. I am not Kwaya, but I have learned to preach in Kwaya and been blessed by this book and how people have responded to hearing God's Word in their own language. I ask [you] to hurry up and finish more books of the Bible for our churches!"  

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