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Nov 21, 2008

Mara Cluster Team

Written by The Administrator

The Mara Cluster

The Mara Cluster offices are located in the town of Musoma, on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria.


tim_gilmoresmlTim G.



Tim is the Language Programs Team Leader of the project.  He coordinates the various departments in the project, manages various human resource needs, and interacts a great deal with local church leaders to further partnering relationships with the 30+ denominations represented on the Mara Cluster Advisory Committee.



To keep things organized and functional around the office, Samuel serves as the Operations Manager.  Eliud works alongside Samuel as the Senior Operations Assistant and has also been helping with vernacular media projects. Nashon also works in operations.  Patrick is the IT manager, keeping the many computers and other necessary electronic items running and up-to-date. The office cleaners, who also make sure tea and snacks are available during daily morning gatherings, are Midu and Veronica.  

samuelpSamuel P.
Eliud M.Eliud M.
nashon_mNashon M.
patrickPatrick C.
midu_smlMidu M.
veronicaVeronica E.


The Linguistics department is coordinated by Holly. Working alongside her are Johnny, Ronit, Rebekah and Dorien. Together they focus on things like language research, orthography development, and assembling dictionaries.

higginssml Holly R.
walker_smlJohnny W.
rodomsmlRonit O.
overtonrsmlRebekah O.
mara.dkamphuissmlDorien K.


The Literacy department is coordinated by Ellen. Ellen, Samson and Hanneke work on the various literacy activities. Those activities include primer development and teacher training. Lucy also works in the Literacy Department. 

ellen_mccaskillsml Ellen W.
samsonz Samson Z.
louterhsml Hanneke L.
lucyw Lucy W.


The Translation department is coordinated by Michael. Also working in the Translation department are André, Amanda, Ben, Michiel and Tim (pictured above). André is a Translation Consultant, based with the Mara Cluster but also working with other language projects in East Africa. The translators are Rukia & Ismael (Ikizu), Paulo & Mussa (Ikoma), Magesa, & Neema (Jita), Paul & John (Kabwa), Paulinus & Richard (Kwaya), Robert & Albinus (Simbiti), Shem & Hami (Zanaki), and Barthazari (Zinza). 

michael_n Michael N.
andre_k Andre K.
amandassml Amanda S.
benBen G.
loutermsmlMichiel L.
ikizu.manyorisml Rukia M.
ismael_waryobaIsmael W.
ikoma.muyasml Paulo M.
ikoma.thobiassml Mussa T.
mara.magesasml Magesa K.
mara.neemasml Neema N.
kabwa.mejasml Paul M.
kabwa.masigesml John M.
kwaya.pkitendesml Paulinus K.
kirongorsml Richard K.
simbiti.magosml Robert M.
simbiti.waynsesml Albinus W.
zanaki.shemsml Shem K.
magerehsml Hami K.
zinzabalthazarisml Barthazari K.

Scripture Use

Jeff coordinates the Scripture Use department, working alongside David and Jacob with various activities. Mitchell is leading the vernacular media work. Projects are varied but include things such as curriculum development for local Bible colleges, development of Bible study activities, translation and production of the JESUS Film, recording of Bible passages, and publishing mother tongue song books.

jeffJeff R.
kwaya.dmurondorosml David M.
dennisjsml Jacob D.
mwimbushsmlMitchell W.


Other Mara Team Members

Chris is teaching English to Tanzanian staff members. Patrick is a Translation Consultant for the project, based in the Netherlands. Misha works as a Translation Advisor, based in the States. Sarah and Lyndy are running a small school for missionary kids. Tara helps with Finance for the Uganda-Tanzania Branch. Kelly heads up Member Care, always looking for ways to help and encourage Mara Cluster missionaries and other visitors. Yvonne, Jeannette, and Kellee are also important parts of the team. 

cgilmoresml Chris G.
rietveldpsml Patrick R.
msandeensml Misha S.
sarahdSarah D.
lhenricksonsml Lyndy H.
tara_wimbushsml Tara W.
nichollssml Kelly N.
yvonnepYvonne P.
jeanetteJeannette G.
kelliecoKellee C.


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