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Jan 5, 2012


Written by Albinus W.

simbiti_wkshp_2011 Simbiti speakers are keen to read in their
own language. (Mara Cluster - Tanzania)
During the course of the chapters, he compiled a short list of words he wanted to check with other Simbiti people.

As the man was leaving the office to go back to his home village, the translators told him, "We'll be going to your village in two weeks. If you would be able to ask a few people about those words between now and then, that would be very helpful."

When the Simbiti translators arrived in that village two weeks later, they were astounded to find a group of twelve or so people gathered and waiting for them! Something that shocked them even more was when they discovered that the group had already read/listened to Luke 7 to 15 and had readied their comments on it! That man had returned to his village and, of his own initiative, not only asked his neighbors about the words the translators needed, but he had taught some of them to read in Simbiti and read those chapters of Luke aloud to others. He knew what day the translators planned to come and had readied the group to help them. The translators were very encouraged when they realized how motivated the man and that group of people were to help them in their translation work!

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