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Sep 23, 2013

Motivation to Read Ikoma

transition_literacy_class_2_-_nyichoka Ikoma transition literacy class
(Mara Cluster - Tanzania)
In Tanzania, a half-day transition literacy class was recently held in the small Ikoma village of Nyichoka.  It was open for anyone who wanted to come and learn to read Ikoma.  Nineteen people showed up, including a wide variety of ages.  Young and old alike were eager to learn more about their language.  

Participants learned for the first time that their language has two more vowel sounds than the national language, Swahili.  They also were shown that how long a vowel is pronounced can change the meaning of a word, and the vowel needs to be written accordingly for the meaning to be clear.  They were quick and eager to learn.  Even as the day grew warmer and warmer, they wanted to continue the lesson into the afternoon.  

Their enthusiasm was obvious.  One young man even asked those leading the class to come back and test how much had been learned.  He wanted to prove that he'd learned how to read Ikoma well! 

All the participants went away with Ikoma Scripture to practice reading.  Praise God that people are catching the vision for reading in their mother tongue, and pray that the time spent reading Ikoma Scripture will transform their hearts!

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