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Jan 5, 2012

Pure Zanaki

Written by Misha S.

zanakibooklge More than good stories! The Gospel of Luke has been
published for Zanaki speakers.(Mara Cluster - Tanzania)

The group was very quiet when we were reading, except sometimes they'd tell us to go back and read a paragraph again, not because they hadn't understood, but just because they liked it so much they wanted to hear it again!  When we finished reading, they exclaimed, "We thought people weren't speaking pure Zanaki anymore, and that people in town and young people were starting to look down on our language and to prefer Swahili, but here you are reading such good Zanaki!  We're so glad to hear our language being used so well, just the way it really is."

A few of the older people in the group said, "Long ago we heard a Christian pastor read to us from the gospel of Matthew, which was the only book of the Bible translated into Zanaki.  We thought that when that project ended after just one book, nobody would ever write in Zanaki again.  Thank you for your work to remember our language and to write it!  We are not Christians, but we think you are doing good work to translate the Bible.  These are good stories and the way you have written them in such pure Zanaki...ah, that is sweet to hear."

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