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May 9, 2012

Size Doesn't Matter

Bring in the Kabwa Luke books to be dedicatedThe Kabwa translators bring the box of Luke
books into the dedication event

At the very first planning meeting for the dedication event people quickly began pledging goats and cash with enthusiasm.  The deep passion for their language was so visible on that day, you couldn't miss it.  It was apparent that, if any people group is going to embrace mother tongue Scripture, Kabwa is likely going to be one of them.

Kabwa people gathered in the small village of Kirumi and dedicated some special green books, the Gospel of Luke in Kabwa.  The entire day was full of joy, and it was a thrill to watch the small crowd of people at the beginning of the day grow to become enough to pack the little Anglican church.

Unfortunately, we were only able to bring a limited supply of Luke books on that day.  A few minutes after the box was opened during the ceremony, flashes of green could be seen around the church building.  The books were sold out within minutes!
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